What is (not provided) keyword in Google Analytics?

If you are a frequent Google Analytics user, you may have noticed the “keyword’ (not provided). For some time I thought that these are smartphone users and google cannot tell you exactly what keywords they came to your site. But no, it’s even worse.

Google has announced in 2011, that search would become a more customized experience and this is how they want to “protect” the custom results. For now, this means that a part of the keywords (currently 30%, but will be more in the following months) used by people, who are logged in to their google account, will appear as “(not provided)”, therefore you will not know the exact keyword.

What is “Keyword not defined” in Piwik?

Changing your statistics script won’t solve the problem. If you are a Piwik user you will see this “keyword not defined“.

I haven’t checked all statistics scripts, but I think that statcounter and other scripts don’t even mention these kind of keywords.

What does this mean to webmasters?

This means that SEO is becoming even more challenging, however there is a way to still find out the top 1.000 search queries of the last 30 days, and that is google webmasters.

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2 Responses to “What is (not provided) keyword in Google Analytics?”

  1. I am in the same situation.

  2. I think Google wants us to buy advertisement space instead of investing in organic SEO

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