How to rank first on google?

“The winner takes it all” – this also applies to the online marketing business. If you are number one for your keyword, you will make a lot more money, then #2. Check these click percentage numbers:

#1 – 56%
#2 – 13%
#3 – 10%

As you can see there is a huge difference between #1 and #2. Just imagine if you are making $1000 as #2, you will make at least 4 times more as number one. There are so many services, promising you page one positions, but what you should really look for is #1, because #10 gets only 2% of the clicks.

How can I reach number one?

There are 3 ways to reach number one on google. The whitehat way, the greyhat way and the blackhat way. Blackhat means: link cloacking, excessive link exchanges, spamming, hidden links etc. White hat is, when you get backlinks the natural way (people link to you, because you have great content) and grey hat is a mix of the above.

The fastest way to reach the top position on google is the blackhat way. but this is also the riskiest approach, because you may get your site banned fast. Also you need to have the necessary tools and know-how to do it.

You can also just go and buy as many services as possible on fiverr, if you have the money. Most blackhatters use trusted domains to get on top of the search engine: free hosting subdomains or aged domains.

The whitehat way is the most stable way, but it can take a lot more time. On the other hand, if you have a quality website you cannot risk it’s rankings with blackhat link building.

Only you can decide which way you choose, but remember that google will penalize your website as soon as it sees that something’s not right.

Did google ever penalize your website?

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