Commission Junction is one of the more popular affiliate networks. The network brings together advertisers looking to sell and internet publishers with advertising space for those advertisers. A blogging publisher, otherwise known as a reseller or an affiliate, shows ads on their blog or website in exchange for payment in the form of a commission. The commission is paid when a visitor to the affiliate’s website performs a specific action related to the advertisement, such as filling out a contact form, making a purchase, or subscribing to an advertised service. There are many people who are proponents of the network, and also many people who do not like it. The following is a Commission Junction Affiliate Network review made to help internet marketers make a decision if they are on the fence about joining the network or not.

The Positive Aspects of Commission Junction

Commission Junction has been in existence on the internet for a number of years, and they have a reputation of being one of the top affiliate marketing networks. The advertisers that Commission Junction attracts are ones who visitors to your blog/site will already be familiar with. This makes it much more likely that they will click on an advertisement and purchase a product (which of course means a higher amount of earnings for you).

Another awesome feature of Commission Junction is that as soon as your application has been reviewed and accepted, advertisers already in the network may actively seek you out to join their private affiliate programs that are a part of the larger Commission Junction network. It is not uncommon for affiliates to be contacted to join an affiliate program under Commission Junction, which means being able to completely bypass the program’s application processes and begin advertising for the particular program as soon as possible.

The Negative Features of Commission Junction

Because a lot of big name advertisers are attracted to the Commission Junction network, it can be somewhat difficult to gain acceptance into the affiliate network. First, you have to fill out an application for Commission Junction, and once accepted to the main network you must apply for the specific affiliate programs that you want to advertise for.

One should also remember that it is important to take some time and read through all of the payment terms and other requirements for every affiliate program that you join through Commission Junction network. Because there are no two programs that are similar, it is entirely up to you to ensure that the requirements and payouts meet whatever goals and abilities you have. Conclusion

If you are accepted into the affiliate network of Commission Junction, be glad because it is one of the better programs to be accepted into. Before you actually apply, be sure to go to the Commission Junction Website and get familiar with all of their information. When think you are ready to do so, you may fill out the application for Commission Junction. By no means is a scam affiliate network.